Master Soken’s Dojo Kun:

  1. Karate practitioners always conduct themselves with proper etiquette.
  2. Without fail, bow to begin and bow to end when performing kata and kumite.
  3. When practicing, rouse your energy and pour in all of your strength.  Practice devoid of energy is all the more an obstacle to progress.
  4. Watch and listen well to the teachings of your instructor, your seniors and your seniors in the various other schools.  Work hard and refine yourself, never forget (their Teachings).
  5. Looking and listening are both large keys to progress.  As one improves, their importance becomes more apparent.
  6. Continue practice, even if a little at a time.  Interruptions become an interruption or a step backward in progress.
  7. Learn the essence of your technique, watch over the state of your heart and plan out their development.  “Technique” and “heart” are as “omote” and “ura” (two faces of the same entity).
  8. Beware of overdrinking and overeating.  It is a rule that overdrinking and overeating lessen the effects of practice.
  9. Never lose the thought of improvement; never slacken (your effort).  Self-conceit is a serious illness easily contracted during karate practice.
  10. Limitless is karate training.  Work ceaselessly, and you will be surely become a Master.