The individuals listed on this page are fully certified Black Belt members of the Kokusai Shorin-ryu Kempo Karate & Kobudo Kyokai. Members who are inactive are indicated with an * next to their name.

    8th Dan:

    #Darel E. Chase, Hanshi

    7th Dan:

    Under Construction

    6th Dan:

    Under Construction

    5th Dan:

    ##Leon A. Major, Renshi

    4th Dan:

    +Khalid Raheem I
    +Geoffrey R. Spohn

    3rd Dan:

    +Antonino Amato
    Romeo Cross, Sr.

    2nd Dan:

    Under Construction

    1st Dan:

    John Johnston
    Kirk Simmons
    Henry Sloan, III

    # = Hombu Cho
    ## = International Director
    + = State/Regional Director
    * = Inactive